Importance of Brand Personality

No matter what part of the business world you find yourself in, you’re going to have competition. The more competition you have, the more effort you need to put in to differentiate your company from the others. A great way to do this is building a strong, memorable brand personality.

So what exactly is a brand personality? Brand personality personifies your company. For example, what type of person would your company be? Would they be outgoing, caring, friendly, approachable and trustworthy? There are so many adjectives that you can use to describe your brand. Just choose the ones that fit right and go from there. It should be noted that while they’re in the same category, brand personality and brand image are very different. Brand image is the physical aspect where brand personality refers more to the perception of the company.

Once you have an idea of who your brand is and what it stands for, you can begin using this to your advantage. Conveying your brand personality to your customers is such an important part of efficient branding. Allowing your brand personality to shine through your products, marketing and interactions is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. Having a strong and visible brand personality will help positively engrain your company in the minds of the consumer. Another way to think about it is, if you customer is torn between you and a competitor… it may come down to which company seems more appealing and coalligns with their personality.

Nobody likes the idea of just tossing their money away. Your customers are no different. If they feel connected to your brand and feel an emotional attachment, they will be a lot more likely to continually spend with you. It is important to note that brand personality is crucial in all sectors, large and small. This is similar to reputation in the way that once tarnished, it is very difficult to rebuild. For this reason, we suggest that you are continually monitoring your brand personality and how you are coming across in the marketplace.

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