How to Write a General Design Brief

In past blog posts we’ve covered how to write briefs to your designer specialising in branding and website design. So naturally, we wanted to dive into what the essential aspects of a general design brief are. Even though it may seem simple, there are crucial elements that need to be included when writing to your designer. You must remember, at first they will have surface level understanding of your company which is why you need to dedicate a good amount of time to writing this brief. The clearer your designers understanding of your company and its ethos, the happier you are likely to be with the finished product.

So, what are the main things you need to include…

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About the company

This section is where you can help your designer understand your company more fully. Great things to include in this section are; company background, business longevity, products, key stakeholders, brand mission statements and values as well as your unique selling point. This part of the design brief is aimed to get you designer more acquainted with the company and help them understand the vibe you want to get across.


Here you should include a list of your direct and indirect competitors. A competitor is anyone with similar products that can take sales away from your business. You should explain to your designer where you feel your business fits into the market.

Objectives and Goals

This is a crucial part of the design brief as it lets your designer know exactly what you want and expect from there. Your objectives will show how your goals are going to be reached. Clearly outlining specifics you want and more importantly don’t want will be very beneficial and will save time in the long run. Include the scope of the project and what the deliverable will be. Using benchmarks is a great way to let your designer know what parts of different companies you like and would like to use as inspiration.

If you have a looser idea of what you want, or are open to suggestions from your designer, let them know here. Your designer will be able to give you clear options that may help give you a better idea of what you want.

Target Audience

Target audience is one the most important parts of this brief, especially if you target to a specific demographic. If you don’t know who your target audience is, your designer can help you come up with an ideal customer. To do this try describing them as an avatar and giving them a name to help it seem more realistic. With this information, they will be much better equipped to tailor this project towards the right people.

Budget and Timeline

Setting a clear budget and timeline is very important for the designer as this allows them to plan properly. This will also allow them to let you know whether your objectives and goal are achievable within this time and budget.

Hopefully this will have given you a clearer idea of what to include when writing a design brief. Each designer is different and may have some additional requirements, but these are the key points to have in mind.


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