We help to create experiences for users of spaces. Our wayfinding strategy breaks down navigational and spatial issues and redefines user journeys in those areas. Through detailed journey planning, stakeholder research, site audits and signage creation we ensure easy and efficient navigation for anyone who will pass through the area.

Our Aim

Our aim is to improve user experience. To do this we actively make the needs of the user and surrounding community an integral part of our strategic process. By thoroughly understanding all barriers and stakeholders involved, we can ensure the final product will have a widespread benefit. Our goal is to go above and beyond our clients expectations when transforming their visions into a reality. We do this by thinking, researching and comparing all options before we acting on anything.

One of our main priorities is to maintain excellent communication with our clients throughout every stage of the project. We find that this continually spurs creativity while ensures there is no room for assumption on either behalf.

The Map

We will design a new legible map for area which will enable users to easily navigate the area as well as discovering all shops, attractions, events and activities available. This new innovative mapping solution will be provide a clear mapping strategy throughout the area.

Each map will be oriented to reflect the location in which they are. This strategy will also lead and direct pedestrian traffic to the correct routes. Pre-visit information will be easily available to aid pedestrians and cyclists in their journey planning. The new maps will be created in line with the newly created zones and will allow relevant information to be delivered to the user regarding their surroundings.

A successful wayfinding solution should have two aspects and goals; destinations and discovery. This can be completed on various scales, for example on separate 5 and 20 minute walking maps. Both giving the detail of the area as well as its context in it’s wider surroundings. 

Signage Family

We will include the design of the entire signage family which will incorporate every sign type throughout the site. This will sit integrally with the places brand and identity allowing users to have a great experience, or if it doesn’t have one we can create this as well. We will compile this sign family so the solution can be rolled out seamlessly, creating a uniform and consistent signage solution.

There will be a clear hierarchy through all of the signage.  This will create a uniformed user journey to the area, around the area and back out again. This will maintain consistency of; text size, style, hierarchy and colours. All signage will be flexible to respond to change and stand up to the progressing needs of the area.  

The sign family and map will be easy to follow as well as being accessible to all users with visual impairments and other needs. Once the strategy has been finalised, the process of implementation begins which is outlined here.


“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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