Our aim is to always deliver a fully integrated wayfinding scheme which starts with a thorough research process that considers all stakeholders involved.

A complete audit of all existing wayfinding provisions will be conducted. This will note all key venues, attractions and what will enable visitors to easily navigate the area. We understand that different places will have different relevant points of interest, which will be taken into consideration during route planning and strategy creation.

This audit will also identify all current signage in the area including current compliance, redundant signage, decision points and journey planning.

After examining the findings of the audit, we will provide a carefully sculpted series of options and recommendations for the successful development of the wayfinding master plan.These will be given due consideration to all who will navigating the area.. This will include motorists, bus users, pedestrians and whoever the area is likely attract.

We will also provide a map and supporting documentation illustrating:

  • Areas of non-compliance in line with wayfinding best practice
  • Locations of decision points
  • Any redundant signage
  • Incorrect routes for pedestrians
  • Incorrect routes for cyclists
  • Areas where more signage/ or less signage is required
  • Unsuitable sign types and construction methods considering the area and surroundings

In the end, we will have designed a new legible map for area which will enable users to easily navigate the area as well as discovering all shops, attractions, events and activities available.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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