Improving your standing on Google search results

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of enhancing your company’s visibility on the internet. No matter what product you sell or service you offer, SEO is the best way to maximise the web traffic directed towards your website. The main goal of SEO is to raise your websites positioning on different search engines, the main ones being Google, Bing and Yahoo. When users type in a search term into a search engine, the engine lists results in terms of popularity and relevance, which is what makes SEO important, especially for smaller companies. Unless customers are searching your exact company name, it’s unlikely that your website will come up first in a general search without SEO.  


If your already performing SEO tasks for your website, are they really working? There’s a big difference between having performing SEO and having it work. This is where Design JD comes in. Our dedicated team of SEO experts will help ensure your website is consistently in search engine results. SEO is a large umbrella with a lot of working parts underneath it. Here are a few of the many parts of a SEO plan we can implement for you company:

  • Analysing, reviewing and refreshing any existing SEO in place
  • Pay Per Click Advertising through Google Adwords
  • Optimisation of your webpages
  • Updating and refreshing Google My Business
  • Google Search Console and Analytics
  • Strategic keyword research and implementation
  • Optimising website load speed
  • Making all website URLs user friendly

Our SEO plans and strategies differ from company to company depending on your goals are for the SEO as well as what areas are in of need attention. If you are noticing a decrease or plateau in your web traffic, Search Engine Optimisation is the solution. Get in touch today and we’ll craft a SEO plan tailored to your company


“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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