Our Process

You might want to know what to expect when you start working with us on a branding project. So here’s the typical process we follow.

Initial exploration

We’re guided by you. However, sometimes, what you want and what you need are two different things. That’s why we first work to understand your needs and then offer you the best possible advice – which may go beyond what you anticipated.

Unleashing our creativity

Inspired by the intense research phase, we focus our innate creative impulse and talent on your project. Initially, we present you with a selection of design concepts. As the project continues, we develop your chosen idea in partnership with you.

Ultimate professionalism

As you’d expect from a successful agency established in 2006, we’re not flaky creatives. Obviously, time, cost and quality are all taken into account. You’ll be relieved to find we’re businesslike, reliable, and stick to the commitments we make.