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Jonathan Docksey

Jonathan Docksey

Creative Director

Jonathan holds a highly sought-after degree in Information Design from the London College of Communication. That means he has a deep understanding the psychology of design. How the right visuals can communicate your message effectively to your target market. How the brain processes layouts and symbols. And the instinctive way we navigate our world.

This understanding is applied to all our branding and wayfinding projects. It’s particularly applied in the modern and vibrant layouts we create, typographical choices we make, pictograms we design, maps we draw, and colours we choose.

As an acclaimed and award-winning expert, you can also book Jonathan to speak at international conferences and events, where he shares ideas about best practice for design and wayfinding in the public and private sectors.

“If you’re proud of your business we would love to help you tell the world!!”

Jon Docksey

Sylwia Chrobak

Sylwia Chrobak

Junior Designer

Mike Orchard

Mike Orchard

Development Coordinator

As Development Coordinator, Mike works with our team of skilled professionals.

Previously, he spent 7 years running companies that deliver digital marketing solutions. His original career covered nearly 15 years in corporate sales and marketing – so he really knows his stuff.

Mike’s time in big business involved forming and managing virtual teams for clients such as Microsoft, eBay and PayPal, coordinating a wide range of skillsets and motivating people to deliver projects beyond their day-to-day remit.

Dan Butler

Dan Butler

Manufacturing Manager

Clients love our manufacturing partner, Dan, because of his specialist experience in making and installing great signage. For example, he is particularly expert in knowing which materials to use for infection control and health and safety.

Dan has worked on big-name projects including Vodafone HQ, SSE, YMCA, Institute of Animal Health, Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd & The Conservative Party. So you can confident he’ll do a great job for you too.


Jackie Barrie

Jackie Barrie


We focus on design but the words are important too. Our preferred copywriter is Jackie Barrie, who has over 30 years’ experience of writing compelling copy for websites and marketing material.

Her BA Honours degree is in psychology, and she’s a qualified NLP Practitioner, so she really understands the power of language to influence behaviour.

Her simple style of copywriting is a good fit with the Design JD approach, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to her.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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